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What is special?

New way to become known designer - Shot Bucket apps

Another way of introduction.

Shot Bucket are iOS and Android apps that allow you to view other designer shots in Tinder's way and focus just on images or animations. But there is an another difference - a real chance to share your Dribbble shots with other designers. We're adding a special new category for the designers who are newcomers and getting lost in their first steps. Please note, no commercial promotion options, you're using and share your works for free. But more details are bellow.

Detailed description of Shot Bucket features.

Shot Bucket provides for the designers an ability to share own shots. Entering the application you might view new shots of the designers in new Featured category. When you press “like” or “follow” within Shot Bucket app you help Dribbble authors achieve additional attention to their works and also get bonuses for every like or follow actions. User could use these bonuses to share own shots in special category – Featured. As the result other viewers will find your shots more often. The more active you are in Shot Bucket (Dribbble) community, the more longer your shots would stay in our new Featured category. So by helping others authors you're helping to share your own shots!

To begin usage this feature, a designer has to sign in using Dribbble account. To get into the Featured category needs to enter own account and press “Add to Featured” button. To keep the amount of bonuses needs to be proactive in Shot Bucket and Dribbble.


There are both iOS and Android apps under development at the moment. Stay on touch to be informed about the releases in our website or here.

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