Playing on intuition, subconscious feeling, feeling – this is used by many users, believing that intuition is the most effective tool. But is it really so? Is it worth building strategies on the “sixth sense” and completely trusting it?

Scientific intuition
No scientist can explain exactly what intuition is and how it works. There are many theories and assumptions. But it is known that in some cases it guides us to the right actions and even helps to avoid failure. In psychology, intuition is a way of knowing something without any proof or understanding.

In games, intuition is opposed to an established fact. For example, the Monkey slot has an RTP of 96%. This means that on average his spins will be 96% effective. But the player at some point may have a feeling that all subsequent spins will be with a result. And sometimes that premonition works. Thus, our sixth sense motivates us to keep playing and get the desired result.

Intuition in gambling
In gambling, there is such a thing as RPD. This is a theoretical model that explains why the player makes quick decisions in extreme conditions. For example, when playing poker, when the outcome of a fight depends on a decision, a person begins to make decisions based on previous experience. His brain looks for similar situations in the past and offers a solution in a split second.

This process involves not so much intuition as logic and analysis. Instinct is also often triggered. If a player has already had experience with slot machines of a certain topic, then he roughly knows how to behave. For example, when a user constantly plays on 777 slots, his subconscious mind already understands the principle of playing them and when to stop.

Should I use intuition in games?
Most often, the “sixth sense” is used by poker players. They find it to be a great tool for making the right decisions. And the users are right, because basically the distributions by their combinations are repeated, so you can easily guess the outcome of the game.

But on online slots the influence of intuition is minimal. Each slot machine has its own RTP, which should be studied by users before choosing a game. Simply put, the developers of slot machines, even when the slot was created, laid in it a certain percentage, which it will return. And the player’s intuition will not affect this in any way. The only thing she can tell you when to stop playing so as not to be disappointed.

While playing slots, you can be guided by your intuition, but do not forget that it is important to study the characteristics of the machines. After all, not always your senses can work, and each device has a built-in percentage of recoil and variance.